Daniel Kerr and Scams at Opencart Marketplace

Opencart Marketplace is run by scammers Daniel Kerr and his outfit iSense labs. They offer a "30 day money back refund" on their "popular" Nitropack- but I suspect the same guy running the "marketplace"  Daniel Kerr is the same guy that owns the mod- and its LOADED with fake reviews!

 Request a refund because "Nitropack" is bogus and Daniel Kerr cusses you in a foul mouthed manner, threatening you and refusing to refund. The same guy controls both the marketplace and I suspect iSense Labs so he quickly bans you from the marketplace STEALING ALL YOUR PAID DOWNLOADS!

During the entire process they try to STEAL all your site credentials including FTP I suspect so they can access ALL your payment APIS including Paypal Log in and Password! Refuse to hand over all your API's and PayPal password access and you are BANNED.

I just went into PayPal to dispute a purchase in their marketplace- because I never got the download and here is their cookie-cutter message in PayPal to ANYONE that attempts to get a refund!

"[OpenCart] PayPal Dispute = Instant Ban!
Hello, PayPal Dispute = Instant Ban! Your OpenCart account has been suspended. You will no longer have access to your downloads, updates or free support until you drop the PayPal Dispute. This is what you should have done: 1. Go to http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=support/contact. 2. Select support or refund. 3. In the enquiry field enter your order ID, username, any error messages and the reason for the refund. PayPal's dispute system is very slow and only a limited number of OpenCart staff have access to it. Best Regards, OpenCart Team"

So if you leave a negative review for Daniel Kerr's bug laced bunch of "developers" or attempt to get a refund you are BANNED and lose EVERYTHING you have paid for...

So much for Opencart being OPENSOURCE if you are looking for a real ecommerece platform LOOK ELSEWHERE!

Here is the email I received from iSense Labs when I explained to them that their software did not work and that I would like to 30 day money back guarantee ( after all $119.99 is a little steep for software that does nothing!)

"Hello Curtis, Thanks for reaching out. In order to qualify for the 30 day money back guarantee you would need to open a ticket in our support system at https://isenselabs.com/tickets /open. We would need you to also provide your web store admin + FTP credentials so we can verify that you have set up the module properly and if there is no change in your score you would get a refund as promised. Also if this causes an extra few days of delay we would still honor it — as long as there is no increase in your score. Please see the refunds policy for more info: https://isenselabs.com/pages/refunds policy"

As you can see BEFORE they will honor their "Guarantee" they want access to EVERYTHING-all your APIs for payment processors- EVEN your Paypal Email and Passord is entered in to the paypal module in Opencart!

Here is a reply from Daniel kerr ( notice the cheap gmail address)

From: Daniel Kerr  blueyon@gmail.com
To: derrickhand300@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 6:36 AM
Subject: Re: Support request

"I have refunded u. Also I'm not living in dickhead US of A. Your account is banned. I suggest u use different software and pay another developer who knows what he's doing to start from scratch. "

Feel free to drop Daniel Kerr an email using the above shady gmail address

So if you expect a refund from Daniel Kerr- you have to provide him ALL your most secure log in deatils and give him full access to your Paypal accountand "hope" he does not steal all your funds that are available now or use your APIs to steal all future funds! If you refuse you will be BANNED from the Opencart Marketplace- lose access to all your downloads and develop every mod needed from scratch.

This guy Daniel Kerr is nothing more than a whiney little wimp- by the looks of it he weighs in under 90 lbs and likely had his milk money stolen by bullies in school-which would explain the guys mental issues!

On top of that he thinks everyone from the USA are "Dickheads"? Do you really want this guy in control of your ecommerece site?

Interesting this site has been under attack ever since posting it and filing complaints with the FTC and US Attorney General- but the attacks are about as weak as the person behind them

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Want to know more about the Opencart developer- just Google him and read comments in articles like this http://www.opencartnews.com/articles/an-interview-with-opencart-founder-daniel-kerr/ Don'r forget to scroll down to the comments section